we’re in unprecedented times

Standing together to eliminate profiteers off of Blacks in technology.

Nonprofits play an important role within the evolving social contract: they provide services, drive innovation, and shape political discourse.

With today’s interest to end racial injustice toward Black people, regretfully, there are people poised to take advantage of the kindness and giving of others. Until we highlight, root-out, fix or eliminate these predatory actions, the nonprofit sector for Blacks in technology will continue to underperform—with profound consequences across society.

Blacks in Technology International, similar to many other watch-dog and certifying bodies, supports Blacks in technology by developing and reporting on proven metrics of quality, efficacy, and ethics for nonprofit governance. We certify Blacks in technology organizations that are worthy of the people’s trust.

Proven ethics of governance for nonprofits serving Blacks in technology include:

  • Reporting on the nonprofits’ compliance with federal income tax requirements.

  • Assuring the nonprofit is not operating under the control of people or organizations with for-profit or personal wealth orientation.

  • No comingling of funds between the personal finances of board members and executive directors.

  • Bylaws, contracts or cannons which protect members.

  • Lack of predatory activities of unfair competition, naked licensing, and poaching from others.

  • No diversion of non-profit donations for personal use of directors or members.

  • Conflict resolution procedures to punish or remove leaders who harass, intimidate, defame, or engage in tortious activities against  members,  leaders or stakeholders.

Blacks in Technology International serves the Black tech community as an advocate of nonprofit excellence.

Blacks in Technology International is not affiliated with Blacks in Technology, LLC, Blacks in Technology Foundation, Blacks United in Leading Technology International, Blacks in Tech, or Blacks in Cybersecurity.